If you’re looking for something for your mum this Christmas, but you also want to support a great charity, the lads from The Meadow gym have just the thing for you.

Their calendar, Kit Off For Cancer sees the gym buffs strip-off to raise money for Mannin Cancer.

We spoke to gym owner Danny Kane, who runs it with his brother Joe, who told us the idea came from a health scare he had a couple of months ago.

Danny said: ‘It was a weird time for me and really opened my eyes to the fact that young men can experience these issues. Aswell as me there were also 2 other guys at the gym who had similar cancer scares themselves, so we wanted to do something. We wanted to raise as much money as possible for a local cancer charity but more importantly we want to raise as much awareness as possible for young men to go and get checked. If something is picked up early enough, lives can be saved.’


He added that the gym had been looking at doing a fundraiser, following on from a charity bootcamp they did before Covid for REACH IOM, but said that this time they ‘wanted to do something different’.

‘We’d teased the idea of a calendar over the past few years and finally bit the bullet and went ahead with it,’ Danny said. ‘We wanted to make the calendar funny and as far from serious as we could, but still highlight a really serious issue.

‘As soon as me and Joe sat down with Derek Peters from Mannin Cancer and made what was an idea into a plan, we went back to the gym to gather the troops. A lot of the lads were happy to help, as cancer effects every single family, so I think people took it personally and wanted to help for their own reasons. I also can’t thank Steve Babb [photographer] enough for his help. He’s been instrumental in getting this calendar from an idea to a finished product. He’s definitely on our Christmas card list.’

Where Can I Get One?

Following the launch at 1886, there are plenty of places you can go to get a calendar. Priced at £15, with all the proceeds going to Mannin Cancers Support Group, you can buy one at The Meadow gym, CrossFit IOM, Purite, four Shoprite stores across the island, No 52, Pat-a-Cake, Davison’s Peel, The Nail Bar, and Ivy Lane salon.

The Gym

Danny, who runs the gym with his brother Joe, said they have been open for about nine months now at Hills Meadow Industrial Estate, since opening they have seen it grow to the point of being able to hire four members of staff.

He said: ‘It’s perfect for getting in the best shape possible, and all of our sessions are coached and programmed properly. We’re one of 4 gyms on the island under the Connect Fitness umbrella ran by Dan and Erin Bonett and getting set up was the best thing I’ve ever done.

‘To finish off I’d just like to ask as many people as I can to buy the calendar, or donate something to what is an amazing local charity doing amazing things for cancer sufferers on the island. This money will go towards buying new diagnostic equipment, supporting sufferers and their families, and potentially saving lives.’

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