Readers Back Peel Over Douglas in City Bids

Sunset City has been the island’s capital in a poll of Gef readers over which town deserve city status.

We asked our readers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to say, if they could only pick one, which town they would choose to be awarded city status as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.


Thanks to Facebook not making it easy to conduct a poll, we posted a picture of Douglas and a picture of Peel and asked you to like your pick. In a vote more one sided than the first test of the Ashes, Peel picked up 226 votes to Douglas’ 26.


Turning to the epicentre of Manx political discourse, you decided that, yet again, West is Best, with Peel picked up 68% of the votes.


Some good news for fans (or indeed residents) of Douglas, it did win out Instagram poll, edging out Peel by 51% to 49%.

So there we have it, if left up to Gef’s readers Peel is the town most deserving of city status over the island’s capital.

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