The Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust has bought new diagnostic equipment for the prison which will allow medics to begin treating prisoners without a trip to Noble’s.

Anya Evans who is healthcare manager at Isle of Man Prison applied to the trust for a grant to purchase an ECG machine and a bladder scanner.

Anyone suffering chest pains, for example, would previously have to be sent out to hospital, which has a knock on effect on staffing levels at the prison.

Anya said: ‘To send someone to A&E you need at least two prison officers to accompany them so that means two less in the prison. The beauty of having this diagnostic equipment here is that we don’t have to send so many people out to hospital. Quite often you can rule out a serious cardiac event.’

Even when someone does need to go to hospital, Anya can save time when they are there.

She added: ‘When they arrive at A&E with chest pains an ECG would be the first thing they would do but I can send them with an ECG tracing done and bloods already taken, rather than having prison officers waiting around at the hospital for them.

‘It’s the same with the bladder scanner: again, it’s super useful, it can rule out symptoms that might indicate a urinary tract infection or kidney issues. Even if we do have to send them to hospital we can give a good reason why.’

Terry Groves, chairman of the Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to support the delivery of effective, intelligent healthcare to Isle of Man prison through Anya’s skills and knowledge. The overall cost of this equipment was £17,000 and it will make such a difference to this
important element within overall healthcare.’

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