Car Seized After DIY Fix

The police have advised motorists they can’t drive their car with the accelerator cable running through an open window.

No seriously, last night the police seized a car after a man was seen driving in this manner.

They said: ‘Just in case anyone was in doubt……if you attempt to drive your vehicle with a broken accelerator cable by putting the said cable through the open driver’s window and then pulling on it by hand as a means of propulsion, chances are you will be spotted by one of our team.

‘The above may seem obvious, but it clearly wasn’t to one driver this evening who somehow had driven from Peel to Douglas in this manner and felt very deflated when one of our RPU officers did not share the same enthusiasm for his ingenuity. Having his vehicle seized for being in a dangerous condition was obviously not quite the Christmas “gift” he had asked Santa for.’

Officers advise simply that if your car isn’t roadworthy, don’t drive it and don’t ‘give it a go using unapproved, unorthodox and frankly, unsafe alternative methods’.

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