Clinicians Reported for Manslaughter Remain in Work

The gov, on behalf of Manx Care, has confirmed that four clinicians, known to be anaesthetists, who have have been reported for manslaughter by gross negligence, remain in work.

The incident, during which one man died, reported elsewhere as James Joseph Shimmin, happened at Noble’s Hospital in February 2021.

The statement said: ‘Manx Care is working to develop plans to mitigate the significant impact of this, and ensure that the delivery of health and social care services is maintained, working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care and the island’s National Security Council.

‘Given that this is an ongoing legal process, it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this stage.’

The four clinicians have not been charged by the police, when someone is reported for summons, the court date is allocated on the issue of the summons by the AG’s Chambers.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Newey has said: ’This matter not only has a significant impact on the anaesthetists involved, but also the widow of James and his family and friends.

’I would respectfully request that their privacy is respected at this time and speculation as to what has occurred, including social media comments are refrained from as this is the very early stages of a criminal process after which there will be the coronial process.’

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