Steam Packet Boss Apologises to Stranded Passengers

Steam Packet MD Brian Thomson has apologised to customers who have been stranded either on or off island by the recent fog which has blighted sailings.

With thick fog causing disruption to a number of sailings over the weekend, the Packet said it  is continuing to offer support to affected passengers and do what it can to try and minimise further inconvenience.

On Saturday some passengers made two return trips to Heysham without being able to dock in the Lancashire port due to the thick fog.

The Ben did finally manage to get in on Sunday night, but passengers booked on the Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon sailings have been unable to reach their destination.

The company said that passengers waiting for the 2.15am sailing to Douglas, which had to be cancelled in the early hours of Sunday morning, were helped by Terminal staff to book available hotels in Heysham and order food. The Terminal was also left open through the night.

Mr Thomson said: ‘The weather was really against us this weekend, but our team has worked incredibly hard to support affected passengers and arrange additional vehicle space for some of those that have been unable to travel over the weekend.

‘Obviously, we attempted to transport passengers to Heysham with the caveat we may be unable to dock and that is what occurred until Sunday night’s sailing when the fog finally eased. We apologise to all passengers who have had their travel plans affected and can assure you that we are doing everything we can to minimise the onward impact during the week ahead.’

Due to it being such a busy time of year in the run-up to Christmas, most sailings this week are fully booked with limited space for those travelling with vehicles, although the Steam Packet said it is helping as many passengers as possible re-book.

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