Toys For Hospice

A set of hand-made toys have been donated to Hospice Isle of Man by the contractor building the Isle of Man Ferry Terminal in Liverpool. The donation is part of a long-held tradition by John Sisk and Son to present toys, built by their apprentices throughout the year, to charities each Christmas.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Crookall said: ‘When Sisk approached the Department with this fantastic gesture, officers were very pleased to nominate Hospice Isle of Man. My sincere thanks go to our construction partners for thinking of the island’s community, and particularly a charity which does so much for children.’

Hospice Chief Exec Anne Mills added: ‘ We are delighted that the Department chose Rebecca House as recipients of this wonderful gift from Sisk. The children will really enjoy the hand crafted gifts and it is always a delight to see their faces light up. Thank you Sisk you are truly amazing.’

How’re You Getting Home?

Don’t forget that the Christmas Eve bus service tomorrow will be a non school day service with no night owls. You can see what time the last buses are below:

You Know Much, Jon Snow

Today marks the final night of the legendary Jon Snow’s time presenting the Channel 4 News. Having covered just about every major news story around the world from the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Covid and interviewing everyone from Nelson Mandela to Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Snow says he is not retiring from journalism, but just won’t be on TV as much as he has been.

Pigs In Blankets

Four tiny micro piglets born during a cold snap are being kept warm in specially knitted little blankets. The piglets are the newest arrivals at Kew Little Pigs, a micro pig petting farm in Amersham, Buckinghamshire. Cratchit, Tim, Scrooge and Marley – named after characters from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – are tucked up in their woolly wraps each night. The pigs in blankets are the offspring of one of the farm’s boars – whose name is, coincidentally – Blanket.

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