Two Specialists Will Join Climate Board

The gov will be recruiting two specialists to join the Climate Change Board announced at the start of his administration.

Garff MHK Daphne Caine is chairing the board, which will oversee the spending of the climate change funds which were outlined in April 2020.

In response to a question from Douglas South MHK Clare Christian, Chief Minister Alf Cannan said he had ‘given lots of thought to the establishment of the new Climate Change Transformation Board’ and has recently circulated terms of reference to CoMin for approval.

Claire Christian MHK

Mr Cannan added: ‘The new Terms of Reference show that the Board will comprise of a Chair, Daphne Caine, a Vice-Chair, and both the DEFA Minister and the DoI Minister. In addition to Senior staff from the Climate Change Team, I have requested that we have independent technical advisors on the Board to offer professional advice and provide the stress testing of decisions.

‘To that end we will be recruiting for a specialist in energy and electricity generation as well as a specialist in construction, energy efficiency and retrofit techniques. These two specialists will be appointed through open recruitment and will accompany our third technical specialist on the Board, Professor James Curran who is a Climate Scientist.’


However, while showing his administration’s keenness for getting this board underway, we still know little about the Housing and Community Board.

Again responding to a question from Mrs Christian, Mr Cannan said that funding for this board and its dedicated staffing is ‘being considered as part of the forthcoming budget’.

He added: ‘In the meantime the Board is being supported by officers from Cabinet Office and across Government in its initial work.’

So far we know that Douglas Central MHK Chris Thomas is chairing the board, but what its actual function will be remain somewhat unclear.

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