Schools on the island will reopen as planned on Tuesday January 4.

All educational settings will continue to have what the gov calls ‘proportionate mitigations’ in place to reduce the risks of Covid while it is circulating in the community, thereby ensuring schools remain open so that students can benefit from face to face lessons, in person support and social interaction with their peers.

Attendance continues to be compulsory, with all staff and visitors, and all secondary school and UCM students, expected to wear face coverings in school buildings.  The wearing of face coverings is mandatory on public transport, including school buses.

Classrooms and corridors will continue to be as well ventilated as possible, and students and staff are asked to dress appropriately for the time of year as temperatures may be cooler than usual inside. 

The gov is asking that anyone attending an educational setting on Tuesday January 4, takes an LFT prior to attending.  Any students or staff who receive a positive Lateral Flow test result should isolate and submit the results of their test online.

If any student feels unwell or develops any Covid symptoms, they should not attend school but stay home, notify their school and follow the latest public health advice.

Education Minister Julie Edge said, ‘Making our educational settings as safe as possible for our staff and students, and maintaining face to face learning both for the immediate and longer-term remain our key priorities.’ We continue to work closely with Public Health and will regularly review the measures and recommendations to give our young people the best chance to fulfil their potential.’

It is important to note that the situation remains fluid and the Department have contingency plansprepared to deal with any eventualities. The Department will respond quickly to any changes to Government advice and asks that if parents have concerns they should speak to their Headteacher in the first instance.  Further communications will follow if required.

The Department would like to take this opportunity thank all staff, students and their parents for their continued efforts and support.

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