The gov has confirmed that one of the two slides in the leisure pool at the NSC has been closed.

There have been plenty of posts on social media in recent days from people who gone to the NSC only to find one of the two slides closed off.

A spokesperson for the Dept of Education, Sport and Culture said that concerns emerged ‘just before Christmas, that a swimmer’s exit from the flume is not always as smooth as it should be’.

Consequently, the NSC team has taken the decision to temporarily suspend the flume until more is known.  

Minister Julie Edge said: ‘It is regrettable that we have had to close one of the flumes a short time after it opened, and during the school holidays. However, we will always act quickly in the interests of safety. The flumes were tested by the contractor as part of the commissioning process and were deemed safe for use. However, some issues may only become apparent after continued use. We must address any concerns – and unfortunately that means the flume will be out of action for the time being.  Once the cause and the solution are fully understood, we will expect swift action to resolve any issues, so that both flumes can once again be enjoyed by children and families.’

Three Years

Having taken three long years to replace the old flumes, the latest set back is far from good news for the DESC.

In its statement, it said the exact cause of the problem isn’t yet known, but that the issues raised by users of the slide and staff at the NSC have been passed onto the contractors who are due on island ‘early in the New Year’.

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