The Ronaldsway Met Office has said that 2021 was warmer than normal, but it was also wetter.

With eight months warmer than normal the mean temperature for 2021 measured 10.6c, compared to
the long term mean of 10.4c.

The highest temperature of the year, 26.7c was recorded on July 22 and the lowest, minus 2.7c on January 9. There were 13 days with air frosts compared to 11 in an average year, mostly due to the cold January last year.

Despite the dry summer rainfall totalled 899.7mm slightly above the annual mean of 884.7mm. January, May and October were significantly wetter than normal. The wettest day was the 29 th October with 39.1mm at Ronaldsway.

March Was Just Rubbish

Apart from March, the first seven months were sunnier than average, with the April sunshine record
broken, but duller weather prevailed in the second half of the year. The final total was 1754.5 hours
of bright sunshine compared to the long term mean of 1629 hours. The sunniest day was May 30 with 15.5 hours of unbroken sunshine.

Only February, March and October had stronger winds than normal. The mean speed for the year measured 13mph, the sixth lowest on record. There were only eight days with gales compared to 17 in a normal year. The highest gust of 65mph was recorded on December 7. There were 21 days with fog, also 21 days with hail, five with snow and two days with thunderstorms.

New Years

We’ve kicked off 2022 with the mildest New Year’s Day on record. The Met Office recorded a maximum temperature of 13.3c at Ronaldsway beating the previous record of 12.8c set on NYD 2015.

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