Schools Are Ready If They Need to go Virtual

The island’s schools are able to implement virtual learning within 48 hours, the Education Minister has said.

Julie Edge was asked whether all schools are capable of delivering full online learning in the event of more stringent Covid-19 mitigations being implemented by Speaker Juan Watterson.

In her response, Ms Edge said that a plan for doing this was devised in October 2020 in conjunctions with the dept and teach unions.

She added: ‘Using the experiences of the first period of school closure from March to June 2020, all settings agreed on protocols for the delivery of learning remotely, levels and frequency of pastoral communication with pupils and parents, plus guidance for safeguarding and well-being.

‘The agreed protocols and guidance documents were implemented successfully in response to the lockdown periods of January 2021 and March/April 2021 and remain in place.’

The Minister said the remote learning protocol includes three stages of action which would allow for online learning to be put in place.

Schools would communicate their plans for moving to remote learning with pupils/parents. Pupils and staff would then follow agreed online learning timetable using an appropriate learning platform and teachers would check in on pupils on a daily basis, and remote attendance/ engagement is monitored and followed up by schools.

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