Health Complaints Down, But GP Complaints Up

There was a drop of 15% in the overall number of complaints to the DHSC and Manx Care, according to a Tynwald report.

The report, released on the Business Register, will go to Tynwald in February.

The total number of complaints for 2020/21, 380, was down from 445 in 2019/20 and is the lowest figure in four years. However, this figure does need to seen in the context of the pandemic and the drop in usage of the island’s health and social care systems.

Throughout the year, 59% of complaints were related to the Hospital Directorate, with 23% of those relating to delays or cancellations of appointments.

The only area identified by the report as seeing an increase in the number of complaints (59% up to 42), was to GPs, with a third of these relating to treatment by clinical staff.

Worrying Events

While there are some good elements in the report, some of the GP reports are eye-opening. In one instance, a patient was misdiagnosed as pregnant when she actually had a large cystic mass and in another, a patient felt that initial diagnosis of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnoea (PND) delayed a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Both of these incidents are awaiting the conclusion of investigations by the Independent Review Body.

Elsewhere, the absence of a care pathway for Huntingdon’s Disease has been identified. There are ongoing discussions with the issue spanningseveral services.

You can read the full report below:

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