How Happy Are Our Teachers?

A survey sent to staff in the Department of Education, Sport and Culture paints a very mixed picture of happiness at work and faith in decisions taken by the island’s educational leaders.

A summary of the results of the Have Your Say Pulse Survey 5: Leadership for the Department of Education, Sport and Culture were released after an FoI request from an unknown person.

The Music Service consistently recorded the worst scores, ranking bottom for staff confidence in management decision making, management being aware of the challenges faced by stafff, senior management being honest in their communication with staff, team management and overall happiness at work.

While the Music Service results are worrying, the results don’t look much better for two of the island’s high schools, St Ninian’s and Castle Rushen.

At St Ninian’s, staff recorded an island low of 4.9 for general work happiness. However, it also recorded a 4.2 for confidence in management decision making, 3.9 for senior management being aware of the challenges they face, a 4 for open and and honest communication and 4.7 for dealing with poor performance effectively.

By contrast, Castle Rushen’s staff recorded a positive 5.4 happiness rating, but a 3.9 for confidence in decision making, 4.1 for management being aware of the challenges faced, 3.9 for open and honest communication and 3.8 for poor performance being dealt with.

Peel Clothworkers’ staff recorded a 5 for general happiness, but a 3.2 for confidence in decisions of senior management and being open and honest in their communication. They also recorded a 3.8 for senior managers being aware of the challenges faced and 2.3 for dealing with poor performance. Staff also recorded a 2.2 the question that it is safe to challenge the way things are done in their department.


While these figures don’t paint a good picture for the island’s high schools. The results from Marown, QE II and Ballakermeen in particular are quite positive.

Happiness at the schools was scored as 5.7 for Ballakermeen, 7.6 for QE II and 9 for Marown, there was also positive scores for overall confidence in decisions made by senior management, managers being aware of the challenges they face and senior management being open and honest with their communication.

The Department

We put these figures to the dept and asked for what it was doing to address the concerns of staff and how it viewed the results.

A spokesman said: ‘The department regularly uses surveys as a way of engaging with our staff and will review the information to explore potential improvements.’


You can view the results published under FoI below. Gef has submitted our own FoI seeking publication of more details from the surveys.

2 thoughts on “How Happy Are Our Teachers?”

  1. A shame to hear many in our island’s schools are upset with the department. I remember the teachers striking before Covid because of things like this. As a former teacher I think it’s important to remember that one poor headteacher or manager doesn’t reflect the good work of the rest of the staff.

    My eldest’s son goes to Castle Rushen and also learns the trumpet and I know both Balla and the Music Service have outstanding teachers. I expect this is the same for Bemahague and other schools too.

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