Mystic Chess’ Predictions for 2022

The 2020s. A decade where everything has seemingly been ‘unprecedented’, where we’re all wanting a year that is dull. Look, many of us did not expect the chaos of the last couple of years (apart from me, obviously) and perhaps a bit of insight into the next year will be helpful and reassuring. Ever charitable, I have looked into my crystal ball to see what the next year has in store for us all.

Manx Political Sex Scandals

Politics and sex scandals go hand-in-hand (so to speak). Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Matt Hancock and his aide. David Cameron and that pig. 

We’ve had very few sex scandals on-island, that we know of. This year, there will be a handful of spicy sex stories- and only one will involve yours truly. 

A vaccine for Manx Crab Syndrome

A vaccine will finally be created for one of the island’s most prevalent problems, Manx Crab Syndrome. Unfortunately, those who need it the most will refuse it. Classic.

A really hot summer

Heard of this thing called Climate Change? It might be the end of the world, but it’ll mean we’ll have an absolutely corker of a summer. Remember to wear factor 50!

FC Isle of Man will join the Premier League

Look. I don’t really understand football or whether this is actually possible. But if you say it is impossible, you’re not a patriot. Simple.

Tower of Refuge gets turned into a block of flats

There’s a housing crisis, guys.

Manannan will get stuck in the River Mersey

A disaster for international Manx Knob trade. Panic buy them now.

A statue of Little Miss Dynamite to be erected

The Manx love a statue, and we will be finally celebrating a Manx icon: Little Miss Dynamite. Rightly so. 

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