Island’s Next Top Cop to be Paid £146,000

A posting on the gov’s job site shows that the new Chief Constable will be paid a cool £146,469 a year.

There is also a relocation package of up to £10,000 on offer, based on receipts.

The job description, which can be found here, says the Chief Constable is responsible for ‘creating a vision and setting direction and culture that builds public and organisational confidence and trust, and enables the delivery of a professional, effective and efficient policing service’.

It adds that as well as providing an ‘interface between the Department of Home Affairs’, the successful candidate would also be required to respond to political scrutiny, speak on policy and operations and build effective relationships with nearby partner jurisdictions.

The posting says: ‘A relocation package of up to £10,000 based on receipts is available for this role. 

‘Here you can enjoy a fantastic quality of life, and an excellent work-life balance! There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities; so if you like walking, mountain biking, sailing or kayaking, you’ll have lots of places to explore. There are also lots of great cafes, bars and restaurants, and you can enjoy the island’s real sense of community. The island is well connected to the UK, and you’ll also benefit from low income tax rates (20% maximum rate).’

Were the successful candidate to come from off island, they would also benefit from the National Insurance Holiday Scheme, allowing them to apply for a refund on their NI for their first year living on the island.

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