Magic Rennie

Manx boxer Mathew Magic Rennie has confirmed his next fight is scheduled to be in Liverpool on Saturday, March 5 at the Liverpool Olympia.

For more info or to book tickets, click here.

Housing Meeting

At a meet on January 17, Chris Thomas MHK will outline his remit as Chair of the government’s new Housing & Community Board, take questions and join in a general discussion on Housing and Community Development priorities over the next five years.

The meeting has been arranged by the Liberal Vannin Party as the first of a series of talks it plans to hold. It is being held at the Manx Legion in Douglas from 7.45pm onwards.


Can you help Betty White? The MSPCA is looking for someone who could provide a home to a turtle that has come into its shelter.

Betty is an African helmeted turtle that is looking for an experienced owner to take her on.We are not sure of her age.We are looking for an owner willing to invest in Betty, and look for the following items needed to make her life as comfortable as possible:
*20 gallon tank (preferably 40 gallons)
*Heater – 23/24c*Filter*UVB lamp
*Water conditioner
*Basking Platform
*A quarter water change every three weeks

You can call the Small Animal Unit on 851672 ex 3.

Kazakh Crackdown

A Russian-led force began arriving in Kazakhstan on Thursday at the request of the country’s authoritarian president, amid a violent crackdown on anti-government protests. Machine gun fire reverberated through the largest city Almaty, as officials reported mounting deaths. The main square saw government buildings ablaze and local troops suppressing hundreds of demonstrators.


An antibiotic-resistant superbug – a type of MRSA – evolved naturally as a result of a battle between a fungus and bacteria on the skin of wild hedgehogs. The evidently ‘hedgehog-derived’ bacteria developed in nature long before the antibiotics we are familiar with were discovered. An international research team found that a skin fungus common in hedgehogs naturally produces antibiotics. Bacteria on the animals’ skin developed antibiotic resistance in response.

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