A new £300 Manx Isolation Payment will come into effect on Monday 10 January for those who test positive for COVID-19 and are unable to work.

The lump-sum will replace a system which provides those qualifying for short-term Incapacity Benefit with £230 a week for up to 14 days. It will apply only to people whose period of isolation begins on or after 10 January.

From Monday, short term Incapacity Benefit for new claimants will revert to the standard rate of £86.55 a week. This will coincide with the introduction of the Manx Isolation Payment, which must be applied for separately once a person has completed a full four days in isolation.

With the scheme launching on Monday, people isolating will be able to apply for the payment from Friday, January 14.

The payment will be made into your bank account within seven to 10 days if the application is approved.

A Manx Isolation Payment is payable to a person once in any six month period. However, it won’t be available to employees, including gov employees, who receive either full pay or more than half of their normal rate of pay for the isolation period.

Treasury Minister David Ashford said: ‘The introduction of the Manx Isolation Payment is designed to get more financial help to a broader range of people. It has become apparent that Incapacity Benefit was not reaching some groups, particularly younger workers. We are therefore tweaking our approach to address this need while using qualification criteria similar to that used in the past for MERA payments.’

To be entitled to a Manx Isolation Payment, you must have registered a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test with the gov or have received a positive result from a PCR test and been instructed to isolate, as well as: be aged 16 or over, but under state pension age; be present in the Isle of Man at the time of the claim.

It will be considered as income for Income Support and income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance purposes in the week in which it is paid. It will have no impact on any other benefits.

The best way to contact the team directly in relation to the Manx Isolation Payment is to email MIP@gov.im – if this isn’t possible, call 685656.

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