Manx Trams a Runaway Success

The Manx Electric Railway has won two of the top gongs at British Trams Online “Tram of the Year” awards.

Both of the winners picked up over half of the total votes in their categories.

The first big winner was Guinness world record holder Tram No.2, which has been crowned “Traditional Tram of the Year”. Receiving over 56% of the vote, the tram had returned to service on the Manx Electric Railway during the summer after a repaint into a coat of its original 1893 Douglas & Laxey Coast Electric Railway maroon and ivory livery.

This year marked the third time a Manx tram has won this award in the last four years.

Also up for an award was the Winter Heritage Transport Festival, which was held over five days in the autumn from October 27-31 2021. With parallel runs, behind the scenes tours of the car sheds, photography tours and an intensive service, the event proved popular with both on and off-island enthusiasts. It won 50.81% of the votes in its category.


While this is all a bit of fun between enthusiasts, with 2022 looking likely to be our first big tourism year since the start of the pandemic, success like this draws attention to island’s railways and helps to promote the Isle of Man as a holiday destination. That in turn can lead to more visitors, more hotels rooms being booked and more money being spent in the local economy.

In case anyone was wondering, Tram No.2 is a joint holder, along with Tram No.1 for being the oldest fully operational trams world that still operate on their original lines.

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