An FoI from Gef has revealed that there were 10 accidents at the NSC relating to the flume slides in the month after they opened.

After three years, several million pounds of taxpayer’s money and three Ministers, the flumes were finally reopened on November 30 last year.

However, by the time 2022 came round, one of the flumes was closed, with the gov citing ‘concerns which emerged just before Christmas, that a swimmer’s exit from the flume is not always as smooth as it should be’.


Gef became aware of reports of accidents involving the flume after a parent said on Facebook that their child had banged their head.

We later heard of anecdotal evidence of more accidents so submitted an FoI asking for the gov to confirm how many such incidents had occurred between November 30 and the date our FoI was submitted on December 30 2021.

In response, the DESC said: ‘The number of accidents recorded since the flumes opened is 10.’


Minister Julie Edge last week said that the contractor for the flumes is due back on island soon and that Manx taxpayers will not be required to pay even more money for the issue to be rectified.

You can see our FoI below:

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