Boris’ House Party

Remember how they used to deny that there was any party at Number 10? And then it was a works meeting? And then there was a garden party which was a business meeting? Well ITV’s Paul Brand has pretty much rubbished that with the scoop of 2022, an email, sent from the PM’s personal secretary inviting staffers to enjoy the nice weather in the Downing Street garden.

Lottery Support

Local charity Isle of Man Youth Motor Project has launched a 25-week programme supporting people who have been involved in the justice system thanks to funding from the Manx Lottery Trust. The new pilot scheme involves mentoring sessions and provides access to a regular and continued contact for emotional security, support, and effective mediation.

Peter Hodgson from Isle of Man Youth Motor Project said: ‘People will be better prepared to cope with new problems that arise or issues that currently act against their personal development. This will enable them to make better choices and be in an improved state of mind to benefit from opportunities they will be able to create. The programme will offer people coping strategies to deal with difficult times and reduce tendencies to react inappropriately or illegally. People will be helped to re-evaluate their own potential and shown ways of integrating into the community. It has been running for a few months now and already has signs of success in helping one of our clients into full time employment and assisting him in making positive life-choices.

‘The funding from the Manx Lottery Trust has enabled us to launch this new pilot programme and we are very appreciative for the support.’

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, said: ‘The work that Isle of Man Youth Motor Project is doing to support people going through challenging times is really important and we’re pleased to support the charity in its efforts.’

Great Manx Run

Isle Listen and The Children’s Centre, have released details of a joint initiative to host a large-scale community running event called The Great Manx Run, supported by Manx Gas. 

With the specific aim of bring communities together, the organisers are inviting any Manx charity, club or association (sporting or not) to get involved and encourage their supporters to participate in the event and raise funds for their chosen local cause.

Joff Whitten, Head of The Children’s Centre, said: ‘We’re only a team of 23 staff at The Children’s Centre, yet one of our key fundraising activities is challenge events for the whole island. We felt we could offer this experience to help other organisations to join in and raise funds. We are also very committed to being a collaborative organisation, which enables us to support as many people as we can.’

Isle Listen’s Head of Marketing, Symon Walmsley, added: “We are very aware of the benefits of exercise linked to positive mental wellbeing. Many people tell us that they find it very beneficial having a challenge to work towards to encourage them to get out and exercise during the darker, winter months which in turn has a positive impact on their mental health. Also, the act of giving, by way of fundraising for a good cause, is very powerful in boosting your mood.’

If you represent a Manx charity, club or association and would like to be involved with the event, please register interest at

Diddly Squat

A planned new restaurant for TV personality Jeremy Clarkson’s Oxfordshire farm has been refused permission.  Diddly Squat Farm, in Chadlington, is the site of Clarkson’s Amazon Studios series, Clarkson’s Farm.

A West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) planning sub-committee declined the plan on Monday.  Clarkson said it would enhance farming and tourism in the area and the refusal meant a ‘very bad day for farming’. When asked how frustrated he was, he said: ‘Very, and so will all the local farmer.’

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