Two Manx students who won an on-island art competition are now up against other young artists from around the world.

The Sovereign Arts Fund has brought together all of the winning art from each participating country in order to find two global winners. You can vote her them here.

The two winners from the island are Emilia Gasinska, who won the public vote and Megan Griffin, who won the judges prize.

Megan won £800 for her work ‘Vexation’ and Emilia won £40 for hers ‘Facade’, they also won a combined £3,000 for their school.

Megan Griffin – Vexation
Emilia Gasinska – Façade

Going Global

The Global Students Prize was launched by SAF in 2021, with the intention being to bring together the winning artworks of the previous year’s student prize competitions, from each participating country, enabling cultural exchange between nations, showcasing artworks by the most talented and promising students from across the globe.

From this group of artists the public vote for a Global Public Winner and a new panel of judges convene to select a Global Judges’ Winner.

The Works

Going alphabetically to look at Emilia’s work first, she says: ‘I discovered that depression and body dysmorphia rates have escalated rapidly since the launch of Instagram. The popular social media app has ruined many lives, and unfortunately ended some. I wanted to create an image which portrayed the pain and conflict experienced by these young girls, and make the viewer empathise with their daily struggle of trying to live up to these unattainable standards. The emotionless girl in my piece is ‘painting on’ a more perfect version of herself, representing the oppression she faces every day in having to do this to ‘fit in’.’

Megan says of hers: ‘In my painting I have tried to creating something that is stylistically akin to realism, in order to capture the same raw emotion as the Romantics. I have tried to saturate my piece with drama, turmoil and destruction, and it is intended to connect with the viewer, and evoke these intangible concepts as they are confronted head-on, with the bold brutality of the painting. The theme of Vulnerability is especially relevant today; we are currently living through an historical moment when nothing is secure, and nothing is certain.’


You can vote for one of the girl’s work, yes annoyingly we have to pick one, up until January 28. To do so, click here and make your choice.

The Global Judges’ Prize Winner stands to receive £800 for him/her-self and £2,000 for the school, and the Global Public Prize Winner stands to receive £400 for him/her-self and £1,000 for the school.

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