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The DfE says it offered over £6.7million of taxpayer funded financial support to local businesses through the Financial Assistance Scheme in the 2020/21 financial year, separate to any Covid support, which helped to create 284 jobs in the Isle of Man.

The figures were released as part of the dept’s annual report to Tynwald, which has been published on the Tynwald Business Register.

Dr Alex Allinson, Minister for Enterprise, said: ‘The key purpose of the Department’s Financial Assistance Scheme has always been to create jobs and grow the economy. This year’s figures are a demonstration of that ethos in practice, creating over 200 new jobs, which provide economic benefit to the Island, alongside protecting over 1,500 existing roles, each of which contribute to maintaining our strong and diverse economy.

‘Whilst an investment of over £6.7million is undoubtedly a large figure, the report indicates that the return on investment for this funding will be paid back to the island within three years, notwithstanding the additional private expenditure which is contributed by businesses.’

House of Manannan

MNH has advised that the House of Manannan will close early at 4pm next Monday, no reason has been given, but it has apologised for any inconvenience.

Moorhouse Backs Peggy

Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse has expressed his support for the rehoming of the Peggy, the world’s oldest schooner, in a bespoke £5m visitors centre.

Last year Mr Moorhouse went to Tynwald to ask for a report to written as to how and when Peggy would return to her home in the island’s ancient capital.

This week, he said: ‘Rather than some second rate cheap option being mentioned a £5 million price tag was carefully dropped into our thoughts – Initially, this caused some concern, because the government always pays!

‘However, that DOESN’T have to the case – Connie Lovel the new Executive Director of MNH has real expertise in this area. Last night, she put forward a strong argument about her capacity to raise half of this money from the private sector. That would be incredible! When the fourth option, was identified as MNHs favoured option some looked at the cost and the revolutionary nature of the building.

‘However, look around Castletown our forefathers didn’t hold back! The Castle and many other building are incredible iconic assets to the town and this is the type of building the Peggy should be located.This is a magnificent vision and I cannot wait to back it in Tynwald – It really will have the potential to be beneficial to the Peggy, Castletown and the entire Isle of Man. Let’s do this!’

Late and Over Budget

No not a DoI project, why would you even think that?

EastEnders has moved into a new Albert Square, with the cameras rolling for the first time on a troubled £86.7m replacement for the BBC soap’s set. The show’s original home at Elstree studios in Hertfordshire was only intended to be used for two years, but has lasted since 1984. However, the nearby replacement has been plagued with problems, going way over budget and schedule. It was originally due to be finished by 2018, at a cost of £59.7m.

Put a Moggy On?

One of Britain’s largest energy suppliers has apologised after it advised customers they could cuddle pets and eat porridge to stay warm. Ovo Energy said it was ’embarrassed’ after a link to a blog “containing energy-saving tips” was sent to its SSE Energy Services customers. The company said it had removed the blog so it could ‘update it’ with ‘more meaningful information for customers’. It comes after concerns over the cost of living amid rising energy bills.

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