Fall in Number of Drink Drive Arrests

The Police’s Christmas Drink & Drug Driving Campaign saw 11 people arrested, the lowest figure in four years.

Between December 3 2021 and January 2 2022 the Constabulary’s anti-Drink and Drug driving campaign resulted in 711 vehicles being proactively stopped and 163 roadside breath tests being conducted.

Of these, 11 people were arrested, six have been charged to court, four have been bailed pending further enquiries and one person was released with no further action.

Inspector Neil Craig, who heads up the Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘This year we decided that our festive campaign would be specifically focused on encouraging members of the public to “make the right choice” by drawing their attention to the consequences of deciding to drive whilst impaired. 

‘In support of this we undertook a multi-agency approach, with support from key partner agencies and that of colleagues from within the Road Safety Team, and this year focused on a social media campaign aimed at both educating and preventing offences of this nature from being committed.’

Four Year Low

Looking at the figures, Inspector Craig welcomed not only the increase in the number of people stopped and breath tested, but also the four year low in convictions, which he said shows the anti-drink drive campaign has worked.

He added: ‘The likelihood for drink and drug driving offences increasing over the festive period is always greater due to people having more nights out and attending Christmas parties, but is unfortunately something that can be prevalent throughout the whole year, which is why it’s always a focus for us. However when the winter months approach and it’s more difficult for people to get home, there’s always the potential for drink and drug driving to increase hence why we have, and will continue, to take an enhanced approach during the festive period. 

‘We absolutely want people to enjoy themselves at any time of the year, but the message we have been pushing during this year’s campaign is one that we will continue to push throughout the coming year – do not take even one drink and get behind the wheel, and the same for drugs.’


With Christmas 2021 now a fading memory, the Constabulary will this year continue to focus on drink and drug driving offences on the island’s roads, with Inspector Craig saying ‘the chances of people being caught are now far higher’.

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