Greens Outline Opposition to Gas Exploration Extension

The Isle of Man Green Party has said extraction of gas from the Manx seabed would be ‘incompatible’ with the island’s Climate Change Act and the Paris Climate Agreement.

In a statement, the party has called on the gov to stop the exploration process at the end of the four month extension granted to Crogga to allow it to complete surveys.

The party said that it had written to CoMin asking ministers not to extend Crogga’s licence, which was due to expire on December 31 2021.

It said: ‘In the knowledge that Phase B of the licence awarded to Crogga in 2018 to explore for fossil fuels in the Isle of Man seabed was coming to an end at the end of 2021, and it being understood that if certain obligations had not been met by Crogga the licence would expire and automatically cease, the Green Party wrote on December 14 2021 to each Minister of the Council of Ministers, including the Chief Minister, setting out cogent reasons why the licence should not be extended.

‘The Green Party’s letter set out the realities of how climate change is impacting the Isle of Man, including the increasing prevalence of droughts, extreme rainfall, and erosion from a more volatile and expanding Irish sea.  It is clearly stated by the relevant science that extreme climate change in the Isle of Man and elsewhere is being caused by carbon emissions, that the consequences of the same will be hugely damaging to our community and communities globally, and that we must urgently decarbonise and transition to renewable forms of energy.  Gas is a high carbon fuel that is contributing to extreme climate change; accordingly, the Government should be introducing policies to reduce its use in order to protect our island community.’

In the letter, which can be seen below, the party said that any extensions would be ‘in direct contradiction to the Government’s commitments, amongst other things, in respect of the United Nations Paris Agreement, to undertake efforts to keep global heating to 1.5°C, and the Government’s climate change duties pursuant to the Climate Change Act 2021’.

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They said that after the extension was granted, they wrote to DoI Minister Tim Crookall asking for an explanation, but that they had not received a response.

Its statement added: ‘Given the promises of action that emanated from the members of this Government in the 2021 election, the Green Party hopes that the Government will now take decisive action to end the licence in its entirety upon the expiry of the extension, and immediately commence the much needed investment in renewable energy.’

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