Extinction Rebellion Plans Tynwald Protest

Extinction Rebellion Isle of Man are organising a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday January 18 at Government Buildings from 12.45pm to 2.15pm.

This is to coincide with the sitting of Tynwald on the same day.

Organisers say the demo is ‘in opposition to exploration for, or extraction of gas in Manx waters, in response to the four-month licence extension granted to fossil fuel firm Crogga to survey Manx territorial waters for natural gas’.

Spokesman Jordan McCarthy said: ‘The science is clear; carbon emissions the world over need to be halved by 2030 to have a reasonable chance of stabilising our deteriorating climate. As a nation, we are not immune to climate disasters. Nor are we innocent of causing it. I speak for the youth who will be around to see the worst of what’s to come. We deserve the chance to grow up, to pursue careers, to raise families. We deserve to live our lives without facing disasters that were not our fault.’

‘Extracting natural gas to help the move towards reliance on renewable energy sources is
nauseatingly hypocritical- much like attempting to cure a hangover by continuing to drink.
We’re a wealthy, developed nation, and therefore in a fantastic position to swiftly make these
changes without causing the same damage that necessitated them in the first place. We should also pride ourselves on our UNESCO Biosphere status, and the negative effects of seismic blasting and gas extraction on marine life- such as our native dolphins- are as well-documented as they are horrifying.’

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