The Isle of Wight Road Races, which was due to launch in April, will now not be going ahead due to unresolved issues with its Motor Race Order.

This is the permission needed to close public roads for racing and is a requirement for the races to go ahead.

Event promoter James Kaye commented: \’We have reluctantly accepted that the Isle of Wight Road Races now can’t go ahead on our planned dates this year. Our Motor Race Order application was submitted on time to the Isle of Wight Council on 19th October 2021, but has not yet been determined. We understand that there are some technical concerns, but this is out of our control and the clock has run down.’

The ACU has confirmed to the promoter that it issued all the relevant paperwork, including the correct permit as part of the Isle of Wight’s application. In a statement to the promoter, the Council has said that ‘it is not yet satisfied that the application has been duly made in accordance with the relevant legislation’.

You can read the full press release here.

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