In a rather sensational twist this evening, Tynwald has refused to suspend standing orders and consider the gov’s Island Plan.

While MLCs backed the move, eight MHKs defied the gov and the Island Plan will now have to come back to Tynwald in February.

The gov had sought to suspend standing orders to move the plan, which is necessary as it had not been on the Register of Business for at least six weeks.

To do this requires a two-thirds-majority in Keys, i.e. 16 members to vote for it. However, eight members voted against this, and with two members absent, the motion failed.

Voting in favour were CoMin, as well as Daphne Caine, Ann Corlett, Stu Peters, Sarah Maltby and Andrew Smith.

However, Jason Moorhouse, Claire Christian, Joney Faragher, Tim Glover, Dr Michelle Haywood, Tim Johnston and Chris Thomas joined Speaker Juan Watterson in voting it down.

Douglas North MHK John Wannenburgh and Onchan MHK Rob Callister weren’t present for the vote.

We have asked the gov for a response to this.

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