The DoI has revisited its proposals for the Balthane junction in Ballasalla, following a public consultation.

While it still needs to submit a planning application and confirm funding, the DoI, famed for delivering schemes on time and on budget, plans to start work in 2023.

A statement said there have been further discussions with landowners who have agreed to release additional land to progress its plans for a new roundabout.

The DoI said: ‘This now means that there is sufficient space to allow the Department to bring forward plans for a four arm roundabout. This solution was clearly the preferred option for local residents and stakeholders during the earlier consultation.’

The proposed design includes access to the new by pass road which would link Balthane corner with Glashen Hill (road to Douglas), and the new Reayrt Mie housing estate. The design includes a shared cycle/pedestrian link that is to run through the Reayrt Mie development, parallel to the new bypass. This takes cyclists and pedestrians through a low traffic environment.

It is proposed that the raised footway on the landward side of the current junction would be replaced with a road level footway, while the plans also include a pedestrian and cycle crossing situated between the current roundabout and rail crossing on the existing road through the village, and another pedestrian and cycle crossing on the A5 south of the roundabout.

See The Plans

The DoI has arranged to display its proposals at Malew Parish Commissioners office, in Ballasalla from Monday January 24 until Wednesday 26. Officers from the dept will be on hand from 2pm to 6.30pm on the Wednesday to answer queries and take comments.

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