£40,000 of Grants to Celebrate 40 Years

A special anniversary fund to award an additional £40,000 of grants for Manx culture during 2022
has been set up by Culture Vannin.

The charity, based in St Johns, is celebrating 40 years of the Manx Heritage Foundation Act, that founded the charity that is known as Culture Vannin today.

Chair of Culture Vannin, Chris Thomas said: ‘As Culture Vannin celebrates 40 years since its
founding legislation was drafted, we are delighted to offer a one-off scheme of grants relating to the
culture and cultural heritage of the Isle of Man and its people.’

Applicants can apply for a grant of either £2,500 or £5,000 for a project relating to one of the
following categories:
1) Archaeology
2) Industrial development
3) Architecture
4) Arts and crafts
5) History and law
6) Language and literature
7) Music, folklore and folk dance
8) Natural history and ecology

In the event that no suitable applications are received for a category, Culture Vannin may choose to
make multiple awards in other categories. Wherever possible, the project should be delivered within
2022, but another year is possible.

Dr Breesha Maddrell, Director of Culture Vannin, said ‘Projects which embrace innovation and
change will be given priority – this could be to cover the development of a special body of work, or a
new way of sharing and promoting existing materials. There should be some element of online
delivery to ensure accessibility. We are particularly interested in projects that use collections or
archives as an inspiration, and those which bring the past, present or future into dialogue.’

Applications are welcomed from today, with a closing date of Monday February 14. Full terms
and conditions, along with the application form, can be found here.

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