Friends of Israel

The Isle of Man Friends of Israel have made a donation of Israeli foods to the Isle of Man Foodbank.

Rosalind Dobson of the IOM Friends of Israel said: ‘Our charity is dedicated to building friendships between our two nations. Israel and the Isle of Man have great potential to learn from each other: Culturally, both nations are working to bring our languages back to thrive and prosper. Economically, both nations seek to build a solid platform for startup entrepreneurs. Both the Isle of Man and Israel are small nations with a deep and long-lasting connection to our place in the world. Both the Isle of Man and Israel have great natural and built heritage that we should protect for future generations. Sharing food is such a wonderful way to learn about other cultures.’

Authority Housing

DoI Minister Tim Crookall has revealed a £4.1m surplus for public sector rental housing for the year 2019/20. He was asked for information on the figures by Onchan MHK Rob Callister.

The total net income after removal of the rates element is £5,995,033.70. Of this, £1,827,480.31 is then spent on a combination of admin (£322,726.85, 5.5%) and maintenance (£1,504,753.46, 25.1%). Mr Crookall added: ‘The surplus monies are used to reduce the overall public sector rental deficiency figure.’

Chicken Run 2

Netflix has confirmed that the sequel to one of the greatest animated films of all time, Chicken Run, will hatch in 2023. Starring Thandiwe Newton, Zachary Levi & Bella Ramsey, DAWN OF THE NUGGET revisits your chicken Ginger and Rocky, plus a whole coop of new friends.

I’ve Seen no Blackmail

Boris Johnson says he has ‘seen no evidence’ of blackmail in his party after claims by one of his own MPs.  William Wragg – who has called on the PM to resign over parties at No 10 – said suspected plotters have been threatened with bad publicity and cuts to constituency funding. He has advised colleagues who feel threatened to go to the police.

In other bad news for the PM, ITV’s Robert Peston is reported that Sue Gray, who is holding an investigation into Downing Street parties, has found evidence that the PM’s secretary was warned against a party on May 20 2020.

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