Manx Care Working to Bring Down CAMHS Waiting List

Manx Care says it is working to bring down the seven month average waiting time for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care Services.

The island’s taxpayer funded health and social care provider also said it is seeing urgent referrals within two weeks.

It was in Tynwald on Tuesday when DHSC Minister Lawrie Hooper announced that the average wait for CAHMS was 217 days, which he himself said was ‘completely unacceptable’. However, parents commenting on Gef’s Facebook page have said their experience is of waits that have been much longer.

One mother commented to say her son had waited ‘four years’, another said ‘Lies again I’m afraid it’s years’. And one woman commented to say: ‘From someone living through this with family, I can promise you that those “shocking“ figures are even worse than suggested and that “immediate” care for those in “crisis” is only available once they have already put their life in danger… it’s not ok on any level.’

Manx Care said in a statement that to ‘clear the backlog’, it has appointed a new CAMHS manager, a consultant, a speciality doctor post, two nurses, one in a liaison role plus one mental health nurse. It said it is also recruiting for a highly specialist psychologist, a band 4 outreach worker and a band 6 mental health practitioner.

A spokeswoman said: ‘Manx Care’s mental health services for children and adolescents is a priority for the organisation with progress being made to support the backlog of individuals waiting to be seen. This has been severely exacerbated by the pressures of the Covid pandemic which have seen demand as well as perception significantly increase. Mental health support, signposting, crisis response and other programmes have continued despite this. All urgent referrals to CAMHS are assessed within two weeks with the current average waiting time for routine assessments just over 200 days.’

The Mental Health Team are also looking to increase the number of on-island nurses being trained.  

CAMHS manager, Dave Rickerby added: ‘The Covid pandemic and lockdowns have effected adolescents globally with huge increases in disordered eating, emotional dysregulation and difficulties related to autistic spectrum conditions visible around the world.” “All these positive steps, including others which are planned, will make the service much more responsive however; and we will be working much more closely with allied services such as our colleagues in social care, education, primary care and the third sector as we continue to develop the service.’

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  1. Not even worth getting on the waiting list . We had to deal with CAMHS and they were a complete waste of time . Its a pointless service

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