Teacher Survey ‘Doesn’t Reflect View of all Staff’

The Education Minister has said that a survey which highlighted unhappiness in several of the island’s schools and educational support schemes had a low uptake.

Julie Edge was answers question in Tynwald after the release of the results from a survey which painted a very mixed picture of happiness at work and faith in decisions taken by the island’s educational leaders.

In that survey, the Music Service consistently recorded the worst scores, ranking bottom for staff confidence in management decision making, management being aware of the challenges faced by stafff, senior management being honest in their communication with staff, team management and overall happiness at work.

Staff at St Ninian’s High School were also shown to have an island low, for individual schools, of 4.9 for general work happiness and a 4.2 for confidence in management decision making.

However, in Tynwald this week, Ms Edge said: ‘The data from the results of the lead ‘Have Your Say Survey’, although helpful, does not reflect the views of all staff either within the department or any of the particularly educational settings as in some cases the uptake has been far lower than we have hoped for. The department is now reviewing the information gained and the data to celebrate some of the successes identified and to explore potential improvements in the ways to implement those improvements.’

Ms Edge also asked for concerns to be brought to her attention so she can work to improve the moral in the island’s schools.

However, Arbory Castletown and Malew MHK Tim Glover said he had spoken to one head who had to recruit three teachers following the Christmas term which had ‘never happened before’ and said that this was an ‘indication of low morale’. Ms Edge said this was ‘of no surprise to me’ as teachers can only resign at three points throughout the year.

Mr Glover’s constituency colleague Jason Moorhouse also raised eyebrows when he asked about whether the dept had considered limiting the information published as it had been used in an ‘inappropriate’ manner where students had asked their teachers about their relationships with line managers. Ms Edge replied that the dept was not the one responsible for releasing the information from the FoI and that it wouldn’t limit information published even if it had been.

Listen to the full questions and answers below:

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