Estimated 500 Have Long Covid After 12 Months

It is estimated that 522 people are or have been suffering from Long Covid symptoms for more than 12 months.

The data was produced by working from the UK’s Office of National Statistics Long Covid predictions and being reduced pro rata for the island’s population.

DHSC Minister Lawrie Hooper released the figures in response to a written question from Speaker Juan Watterson.

Mr Hooper outlined that Manx Care has developed a specification for a Long Covid Service for the Isle of Man, including ME/CFS services.

Based on March 2021 Office of National Statistics (ONS) data to estimate the impact of Long Covid on the Isle of Man. This data shows the following:

  • One in five people were still symptomatic at 5 weeks after the start of the initial infection – approximately 1 million people;
  • One in seven were symptomatic at 12 weeks – approximately 700,000 people;
  • Around 70,000 people were still symptomatic one year on from the initial infection;
  • In 20% of cases this was having a significant effect on day-to-day activities;
  • Post-COVID-19 ill health was more common in people working in health and social care professions.

Mr Hooper said that the ONS data from April 2021 ‘13.7% of Covid-19 sufferers report functional impairment more than 12 weeks following infection’.

He added: ‘Covid-19 infection data shows that 21.5% of UK residents have tested positive for Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic however within the Isle of Man this figure is 16.5%, therefore the ONS Long Covid predictions for the Isle of Man are reduced pro rata compared to the UK.

‘Based on the updated ONS data, the estimated workload of Long Covid patients on the Isle of Man is 1306 people who are suffering a functional impairment of over 12 weeks, with 522 people suffering from Long Covid symptoms for more than 12 months. Planning for the development of a comprehensive Long Covid service is underway, pending confirmation of funding for 2022-23 Isle of Man Budget for the expanded offer.’

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