Gov Ordered to Release Quayle Holiday Cottage Covid Support Info

The island’s Information Commissioner has ordered the Dept for Enterprise to release information about whether or not former Chief Min Howard Quayle received Covid support.

It comes after an FoI last year that asked if Mr Quayle had claimed financial support for his holiday cottages.

The dept had refused to published this info, citing that the info was provided in confidence. This was appealed, with the applicant saying there was an ‘overriding public interest’ in the info being published, but DfE repeated its original reasoning.

In its ruling, the Information Commissioner decided that it was ‘not necessary’ to apply or consider applying any exemption to the info that applies to funds paid to the former Chief under the Tourism Scheme.

They added that the DfE had ‘demonstrated a blasé approach to complying with its statutory regulations’ and ‘acted contrary to the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act’.

The gov must now release the info within 30 days or find another reason not to do so.

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