The gov and Manx Care are intending to introduce allowing residents who pay for prepaid prescription certifications online, but they can’t say when it will happened.

DHSC Minister Lawrie Hooper was asked for an update by Speaker Juan Watterson as to when his dept expects to be able to accept payments online.

The Lib Vannin leader said: ‘There are several projects that are ongoing within Manx Care that require the support of GTS, such as the Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions and Summary Care Record project, which are of higher clinical priority than the implementation of online payments for prepayment prescriptions.’

He added that while implementation of the system is on the work list, ‘a completion day is not yet confirmed’. Mr Hooper also noted that within Manx Care’s governance process, there is an internal mechanism to ‘review the digital priorities and work streams’.

In England, residents can go online and buy their prepaid certificates, which allow people people to buy as many prescriptions as they need each year for a set price.

However, here the gov’s website says all ‘card payments must be made over the phone  or a cheque may be posted with your application form’. It is worth noting that Manx 12 month certificates are currently half the price of those in England.

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