Committee to Hear Evidence on Footpaths

A Tynwald Select Committee will next month begin taking evidence on a proposal put forward by a Tynwald Day petitioner.

David Buttery used his right as an islander to petition Tynwald for the establishment of a single gov agency to take sole responsibility for all of the island’s rights of way.

On Tynwald Day 2021, Mr Buttery: ‘At the moment, they’re managed by three different government agencies and as a result, different agencies have different priorities so some of them are left quite neglected. So what I’m calling for is a single government agency with sole responsibility for the footpaths and bridleways. You would then have a single priority list and a single budget to deal with them, you’d also then get a single agency to go to with reports of problems. It isn’t always clear who owns them, some of them are in private ownership and others are owned by local authorities so it’s just trying to simplify it and create a better network of footpaths.’ 

His petition was then taken up by Douglas South MHK Sarah Maltby who is also chairing the committee after Tynwald backed her motion to follow up on his petition.

Mr Buttery himself will be the first petitioner on Thursday February 3 at 11.30am, with several gov figures due to appear the week after.

On Monday February 7, it will hear from:

10am: Angela Byrne, Head of Visit Isle of Man; Jade Foster, Business Development Executive, Visit Isle of Man

10.45am: Andrew Lees, Director of Agriculture and Lands; Jason Bolt, Head of Forestry, Amenity and Lands; Graeme Wilson, Access and Recreation Officer

11.30am: Jeffrey Robinson, Director of Highways; Ffinlo Williams, Highways and Public Rights of Way Officer

Evidence will be heard in the LegCo Chamber in Tynwald, or you can listen online.

Mrs Maltby is joined on the committee by Daphne Caine MHK and Bill Henderson MLC.

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