The tribunal between the island’s former Medical Director and the DHSC has heard that she was well regarded by colleagues, several of whom had statements read that praised her leadership.

Dr Ranson is claiming she was unfairly treated and dismissed after making protected disclosures i.e. whistleblowing.

The day began with former DHSC CEO Kathryn Magson giving evidence to the tribunal from the UK. When asked why she was not on the island by Dr Ranson’s counsel Oliver Segal, Miss Magson said she would struggle to get childcare at such short notice as both she and her partner work full time. 

However, Mr Segal put it to her that she had chose now to come to the island because she potentially might face contempt proceedings if she came to the island. Mr Segal said this included issues of ‘lying under affidavit’. Miss Magson confirmed only that this is something she is aware of.

Dr Ranson

During the tribunal, several statements made by former colleagues of Dr Ranson were read which praised her in her role. These included references to her being a ‘strong leader’, someone who delegated well to colleagues and was praised as being the best MD one doctor had worked under on the island in his 10 years at Noble’s.

Mr Segal put it to Miss Magson that these differed from her accounts that Dr Ranson was a power-hungry, duplicitous and narcissistic person who craved the spotlight. Miss Magson said that while some people had praised Dr Ranson, her experience of her was quite different and said concerns were raised with her verbally and in writing from colleagues, including the Director of Nursing. 


The tribunal continues on Tuesday.

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  1. Having seen first hand the workings and machinations of Magson I have to say that I am glad Dr Ranson has won her case. Magson has done a very great disservice to the Island in my opinion and it interesting to see that no mention of her time working here is presented in her Linkedin resume. I wonder why?

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