Thanks to the staff at Cornaa Fish Farm and members of the Jersey Freshwater Anglers Association, 30,000 live rainbow trout ova have successfully made the trip to Jersey, ensuring anglers will be able to catch trout in two years time. As the Isle of Man has disease free status, the ova produced at Cornaa are premium grade and accepted in Jersey as they also enjoy this status. Cornaa is one way the Island is working to build positive international relationships.


The DoI says that work has been completed in conjunction with the landowner on Slieau Whallian to highlight the permissive path and create easier access for walkers. The dept said: ‘Over the past few years walkers had started deviating along desire lines, and the permissive path had become overgrown and unnoticeable. This has now been re-instated with way markers highlighting the route. Three new stiles have also been installed to allow walkers to easily keep on route without having to deviate around obstacles.

‘The public are reminded that a permissive path is not a right of way and access is by the kind permission of the land owner, in this instance to walkers only. The landowner advises that the fields are used for livestock therefore dogs are inadvisable on the path.’

No Loss Projections

The DoI says it doesn’t know how much it forecasts losing on the heritage rail this year as the budget hasn’t yet been passed by Tynwald. An FoI asked for the total expected operating costs, revenue and loss for the MER, Snaefell Mountain Railway, Steam Railway and Douglas Bay Horse Trams.

In response, the DoI said: ‘While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance the public authority does not hold or cannot, after taking reasonable steps to do so, find the information that you have requested.

‘This is because the budget for 2022 is yet to be passed by Tynwald, therefore the operating cost, forecast revenue, and expected operating loss for 2022 cannot be calculated. The Public Transport Division should be able to provide this information once the budget for 2022 has been approved.’

The Met

The police watchdog says it has found evidence of ‘disgraceful’ bullying, misogyny, discrimination and sexual harassment in some ranks of the Met. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) made 15 recommendations including tackling ‘underlying cultural issues’. Most officers investigated were police constables and mostly based at Charing Cross Police Station, the IOPC said. The Met Police said it was ‘deeply sorry’ at the report’s findings.

Goat Retires

Tom Brady, one of the greatest players in the history of American Football, has confirmed his retirement. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, 44, won seven Super Bowls in an astonishing career spanning 22 seasons.

Brady won six titles with the New England Patriots before his final triumph with the Buccaneers last year. The five-time Super Bowl Most Valuable Player is retiring after deciding he could no longer make the ‘competitive commitment’ to continue. His final game in the NFL was a 30-27 defeat by the Los Angeles Rams in the play-offs, when his heroics narrowly failed to pull off a sensational comeback from 27-3 down.

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