The DHSC has told Manx Care is must find £4.3m of efficiency savings over the next service year.

It is one of 11 objectives outlined in the DHSC’s Mandate to Manx Care, which will go before Tynwald in March. One of the reasons behind the establishment of Manx Care was to bring an end to the annual performance of the DHSC Minister being forced to come to Tynwald for more money.

Objective six instructs Manx Care to work with the DHSC to ‘demonstrate continued financial balance within the available budget through the delivery of agreed cost and service improvement plans (CIP) and the delivery of the agreed sustainable financial plans’.

This includes a continued contribution to developing a sustainable financial plans for health and care services on the island with a focus on identifying the biggest areas of financial risk, determining immediate gaps in resources and a robust plan of future allocation and working with the DHSC on a multi-year funding model.

Within this, Manx Care must, subject to Tynwald approval, make ‘total efficiency savings of £4.3m’. This will include implantation of policy changes for over the counter medicine, procedures of limited clinical effectiveness and implantation of NICE TA’s ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Technology Appraisal) over a three year period.

They will also work towards agreeing a sustaining funding model for individual funding requests including those within the maximum affordable budget. Others will be supported when possible.

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