Manx company Edgewater Associates is celebrating its quarter century in style – by building for the future.

Based in Clarendon House in Victoria Street, Douglas – just down the road from Gef HQ, in fact – it has grown from a two-person operation to a workforce of 25.

Managing director Sandra Cardwell said: ‘At Edgewater we are very proud of how we have developed as a business and of the community role we play.’

As an independent financial advice firm, Edgewater Associates can tailor its services to the particular needs of companies and individuals. That has helped with the growth of the business.

It is part of the Manx Financial Group PLC, which gives it the financial backing of a PLC and also the technical and administrative support and professional expertise to call upon – all while maintaining its independence.

The team of experienced financial consultants, mortgage advisers and business insurance experts can provide advice on all aspects of financial planning throughout a client’s lifetime – starting with their first mortgage or company pension, through to investment or retirement as their needs change.

Sandra said: ‘We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and looking after our clients’ ongoing financial planning needs.’

All of the financial advisers at Edgewater maintain membership of a professional body and are assisted by the company in developing their skills, while keeping up to date with industry changes and regulatory developments.

And the good news is that Edgewater is recruiting in a number of positions and is committed to helping the team members further their careers.

Edgewater has proven itself as an ideal place to develop careers, reflected by how many of the team have progressed with their studies and been promoted. It can offer career paths for financial advisers, general insurance advisers and administration staff.

‘We’re very proud of the talent that has come up through the ranks at Edgewater,’ Sandra added.

‘We are always keen to assist in the development of our workforce. Supporting the progress of our team members and helping them to acquire new skills and further their own individual careers is key to our growth as a company.

‘It is good for them, good for us and good for our customers.’

In what is a constantly moving and competitive sector, Edgewater’s commitment to adapting to change has put it at the forefront.

Future challenges and opportunities include continued technology improvements to improve sustainability as a business and to develop environmentally friendly practises, while reacting with speed to any changes in the economic climate.

As part of its commitment to the community, Edgewater Associates has partnered with the Isle of Man Sporting and Dining Club to sponsor events since 2018. During that time, more than £40,000 has been raised for good causes by guests attending those events.

Edgewater has helped to choose some of the charities that have benefited from the fundraising. Sandra said it was ‘very fulfilling’ to have played a role in that.

In addition to the Dining Club involvement, the company likes to support charities and organisations close to its employees’ hearts. Its nominated charity for 2022 is the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group.

There will also be furry fun when staff take part in taking part in Animal Day for the MSPCA – by dressing as animals and bringing some of their pets into the office.

Meanwhile, the company is very keen to support the wellbeing of its workforce. Last October it staged a ‘Wellbeing Week, with everything from sea dips and spin classes to dealing with stress and deaf awareness. As part of that continued commitment, employees will be taking part in Isle of Man Fitness Day on January 26

And Edgewater has evolved its working practises.

Sandra said: ‘We are shifting away from what was considered normal office life.

‘After successful working from home arrangements during the lockdowns, we operate flexible working and a new “dress for your day” approach that means fewer suits in the office!

‘Embracing technology means our clients can access our online portal to view their investments’ performance, send secure messages and documents to their adviser.’

It seems Edgewater is not just ready for the present, but for the future as well.

As Sandra said: ‘Our journey has only just begun and we look forward to our staff and clients playing a major part in the next stage.’ 

Click here to find out more about Edgewater Associates’ career opportunities and the services it offers.

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