Alf, Theresa Cope, Dr Henerietta Ewart

Good evening, sorry we’re a bit late.

Spring is on the horizon, we’re optimistic about it 

Omicron was a bummer but islanders pulled together to get through it

Record number of Jabs delivered – Herculean effort – Thanks all

95% adults have had 2 x jabs, 65% have had a booster

Omicron really kicked off in terms of case numbers, but it was less severe 

Deepest sympathy to those who’ve lost loved ones

Omicron made things difficult for lots of businesses and essential services

We weathered the storm without a lockdown and isolation was cut in half for many 

Thanks everyone, the community should take pride in what has been achieved 

All of this, if the first step towards the virus being ENDEMIC

Dr Ewart

Endemic = A disease which is gonna be there, with variations expected 

Cases are plateauing 


There will be challenges and uncertainty, we must be prepared to deal with them 


We’ll treat Covid in the same way as Flu. 

Public Health directives will be dropped

Daily figures dashboard will be reduced and then removed 

Impact on Health Services will be monitored 

Free movement across borders 

Only potential restriction is the UK red list, currently no countries on the list 

Positive cases – are encouraged to record, and advice will be to stay at home and rest but no legal self isolation requirements 

We’re trusting people to do the right thing 

Contact tracing will cease, up to you to tell your mates and colleagues 

We must be tolerant and understanding, especially to those who a vulnerable and wish to wear masks and distance 

Theresa Cope – Manx Care

Continue to monitor patients with Covid 

Today we have 6 patients in hospital and 2% of staff have the virus 

Patient numbers are reducing and they are spending less time in hospital 

We’ll be taking a cautious approach with masks 

Masks will be provided to all individuals entering health and care settings 

LFT’s still encouraged before coming to Hospital 


Meg: With the dashboard disappearing, will the figures still be accessible?

Alf: There will be a weekly report

Dr H: We’ll continue to publish the weekly report. The plateau will go up and down. All of us have got a bit hooked on the numbers, we need to move away from it as it doesn’t mean anything in terms of risk. If we see a sudden surge then obviously we’ll pick it up and take action. It’ll be better for our wellbeing if we don’t check them every day.

Alex W: Separation between Manx Care policy and Gov policy…bit odd?

Theresa: Slight disconnect, we are caring for some extremely vulnerable patients. Maintaining cautious approach 

Sam: Travel Declarations – How are they going to be monitored? Especially as you don’t need an ID on the boat. 

Alf: Throughout the pandemic we have trusted people. The interim measure is something we’ll continue to monitor. Essentially this is for if people go abroad and there are variants of concern that arise, we need to know who has been there. But we do see it as a simple form and a short term measure.

Rob: Is everyone on board with the decision?

Dr H: Everyone has been consulted, no disagreements 

Sam: How do you feel about this Alf? Do you see this as a lifting of two years of doom and gloom? A positive opportunity for our island to recover and grow?

Alf: We still have an independent review coming but we are in a positive place. We are approaching the future with confidence. It’s a date we can all look forward to, hope to see more visitors, unemployment is low. Despite the domestic economy challenges, many businesses have had a positive time. There’s a lot for us to do, we should be confident moving forward.

Josh: What’s your message to people with Long Covid?

Theresa: We have a session next week at the palace to get feedback from everyone suffering. And there is a business case going through Tynwald. 

Alf: We’re making decisions in the interests of the whole community 

Rob: What’s Manx Care policy on positive cases. How can you track things properly?

Theresa: If you take an LFT and are positive, please don’t come to the Hospital. There are high degrees of compliance with self testing. We’ll continue to follow the command structure to inform gov about the pressures we are feeling.

*Rousing* Closing

Thanks for your time

We must acknowledge the losses and sacrifices. It will be talked about for generations to come 

The cost has been great, and as we look to the future, we would do well not to forget the past, remembering those we have lost to this dreadful disease and the lasting pain and sense of loss many families continue to feel. 

Despite the heartache it has brought out the very best in us. We have seen our sense of community and commitment to each other shine, pulling together, doing the right things for the greater good.

Despite the hurt and tragedy, the people of the Isle of Man can hold their head high and look back, yes with sorrow, but also with pride on what we have been through in the last two years.

Thanks and Good Night 

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