Long Covid, 111 and the Urgent and Emergency Care Pathway

When Tynwald meets in March, members will be asked to support the DHSC’s mandate to Manx Care, which includes 11 objectives for it to achieve over the next year.

Objective six, to find £4.3m of savings, we have already covered, but what of the other objectives? In this article, we take a quick look at Manx Care’s instructions for what comes next with Covid.

The first objective set down by the DHSC call on Manx Care to continue to lead the island’s response to Covid and work to deliver on a number of key areas.

These areas include the implementation of a Long Covid pathway, the continued development of the Covid vaccines and continuing the 111 service. However the 111 service, which has been used for advice and support throughout the pandemic, as well as booking PCR tests in the earlier stages, will be repurposed by April 2023 in line with something called the ‘Urgent and Emergency Care Pathway’.

Manx Care will also work to deliver the Covid Pass service in collaborations with NHS England. Recent reports in the UK press suggest this will only be used for international travel in the coming months and its domestic return is not something that appears to be wanted by politicians or the hospitality sector, particularly in England.

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