Reasons to Attend: Net Zero Events

The environmental crisis requires all nations- even ones as small as the Isle of Man- to take action as we try to reach ‘Net Zero’:  the point where emissions from human activity are kept to the levels absorbed by the natural world. The Island has committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050. 

The Climate Change Team of the Cabinet Office is currently holding a consultation to hear the public’s thoughts, to help set the Island’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, as an interim step to achieving net zero by 2050. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should get involved, engage with the consultation, and attend the Net Zero events!

Help pick the target 

The consultation has proposed two options for 2030: a reduction of 35% of the Island’s 2018 greenhouse gas levels, or a more ambitious target of 45%, in line with the UN Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC). You can use your voice to determine how you feel about the target, and actually have an impact on how ambitious our Island is in tackling climate change. 

Learn the actions the Island will take to reach Net Zero

Reaching Net Zero globally will not be easy- and a lot of things will need to change. By attending the events, you can learn how the island will attempt to meet its target by focusing on the high emission sectors of energy, heating, transport and land use/food production. 

Learn how the plan will affect you

Wondering how the plans will affect you, personally? The consultation can help you find the exact impact that the implementation of the targets will have on your life. 

Understand the benefits to our Island

It’s not just the global environment that will benefit from the actions we undertake. Daphne Caine MHK, Chair of the Climate Change Transformation Board (CCTB) has said that ‘The level at which we set our interim target will indicate the Island’s ambition to help tackle the global threat of climate change, and can bring about material, reputational, financial and social advantages for the Island.’

Have your say 

Don’t agree with the approaches taken? Think there is something that could be done better, or a factor that hasn’t been considered? Your voice is important- and you can help shape the plan before it goes towards Tynwald. Sound long and dull? There are just four, short questions. Easy! 

Ask questions!

Want something elaborated or clarified? The Drop-In Session and events are your opportunity to make sure you know all the facts that you want to know.

Hear from the experts

Want to understand more about how the targets are proposed and why? You can hear directly from the experts, who will explain the benefits and downsides of each option within various sectors.

Meet like-minded people

By attending the in-person events at Noas Bakehouse, you can meet other like-minded people who care for the future of our planet and Island!

Get involved by attending the following events:

9 February – Net Zero Webinar – interim targets, Teams (online), 7pm – 8pm. 

10 February – Net Zero Drop In, Noa Bakehouse, 12pm-2pm – meet members of the Climate Change Team. 

10 February – Net Zero Talks – Transitioning to carbon neutrality, Noa Bakehouse, 5.30pm – 7.30pm – where you will hear presentations on the future of electricity generation and renewable heating, as well as what the interim target means to you. .

And by giving feedback on the interim targets here before the 21 February.

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