Prom Has Almost 400 Ongoing Defects

An FoI has revealed there are 381 ongoing snagging issues with the prom, with the oldest dating back to February 2019.

The person who requested the FoI said they did so following the DoI minister Tim Crookall saying the list of issues that needed to be resolved was ‘long’.

In its response, the DoI said the defects registered were correct as of February 1.

Of the 721 defects registered by the DoI, over 300 are identified as corrected or accepted with 381 listed as ‘current’.

The oldest defect, dating back to February 1 2019 is for rail ducting, while the most recent ones list issues such as debris, cover issues, sealant, bolt replacements or unclean channels.

The DoI’s full response can be seen below:

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