Don’t Go Into the Woods

People are being asked to avoid the Island’s forests and glens over the coming days due to the forecast of strong winds and their potential to damage trees. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture is asking people to avoid these areas between 4pm on Wednesday and 12pm on Monday, when the forestry team will have assessed the situation.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused but storm damage, such as uprooted trees and damaged branches is not always obvious and can present a significant risk to public safety. From Monday afternoon people are encouraged to report any tree issues they come across by emailing, calling 695705 or visiting the DEFA – Hills, Forests & Glens Facebook page. 


Gas customers will benefit from a £58 rebate on their bills in the coming weeks as the result of the Isle of Man Government adjusting loans with Manx Utilities, which then charges Manx Gas.

Announced late last year, the arrangement was established following a decision to reduce the amount Manx Gas pays Manx Utilities each year in relation to infrastructure payments. A binding contractual agreement has now been signed between Manx Gas and Manx Utilities, requiring the £1.4m savings to be passed on to customers in full.

Rebates will be received by all domestic and business customers which have used more than zero units in the preceding 12 months, excluding the gov.

Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan said: ‘Isle of Man Government has settled a way to deliver a rebate to gas customers, a commitment which was established during discussions in 2020. Now finalised, Manx Gas has confirmed that the rebate will appear on gas customers’ bills imminently.’

Manx Utilities chairman Rob Callister added: ‘Manx Utilities has been able to assist Government to honour its rebate commitment to gas customers on the Island.  It is a very difficult time for many, particularly in relation to the energy crisis, and I hope this provides an element of comfort for those in difficulties.’


A Manx Care employee is celebrating after becoming the organisation’s first Nurse Endoscopist, who has also become the first to train and qualify on the Isle of Man. Nicola Burgess has achieved her qualification after years of study and more than ten years of work-based experience at Noble’s Hospital, following many years of experience gained in the NHS in the UK.  

Nicola became an Endoscopist ‘by accident’ in her own words, having accepted an opportunity to work in this specialism following time spent as a Surgical Urology Nurse. The role allowed her to combine her passion for working in a hands-on clinical environment with the use of complex technology, alongside her desire to achieve more family-friendly hours which was a requirement at the time. 

Dr. Sree Andole, Manx Care’s Executive Medical Director, said: ‘Nicola is a fantastic role-model for her colleagues, and I know her patients will attest to that too. Her commitment to developing the future of the Endoscopy service here on the Island by bringing her knowledge and best-practice to Manx Care will only continue to drive improvements in our service. I’m thrilled that she has managed to fulfil her long-held career ambition, as well as a first for Manx Care.’


HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man has launched a new online platform aimed at opening up access to a broad range of ‘self-executed’ investment opportunities for customers.

The International Investment Centre (IIC) enables all customers to take control of their investments directly online, allowing them to buy and sell their mutual fund investments whenever they like. Investments can start from as little as £50 a month.

Emma Bunnell, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking, at HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man, said: ‘Our IIC platform opens up a world of investment opportunity and access to funds for customers who might not have considered this type of wealth planning before. The digital platform is easy to navigate and allows customers to research and explore investment opportunities at their leisure.

‘The last few years have taught us that financial wellbeing and management are key to providing people with a cushion for their future and being able to easily execute wealth planning online is key to that. Equally important is access to a range of investment options.’

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