ME Support Welcomes Budget Funding

Juan Corlett, who has regularly featured on Gef over the last few months, has welcomed the announcement in this weeks Budget of money to support ME services on the island.

Treasury Minister David Ashford announced £408,000 for ME and Long COVID service developments in this year’s Budget.

Speaking to Gef, Juan said: ‘We are delighted by this news and eagerly await the improvements in patient care that are so desperately needed. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this momentous milestone.

‘Funding alone won’t be a silver bullet and the onus is now very much on Manx Care to fulfil their promises and deliver a service that patients can rely upon. Field leading experts recommended practical changes to Manx Care’s clinical practices last summer and these should be swiftly implemented. We also expect prompt improvements to online resources and signposting for patients.’

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