Recruitment Issues Aren’t Isolated to Here

The DESC has said that the number of teachers leaving roles does seem higher than what would be be expected, particularly within science.

The issue was highlighted by former election candidate Gareth Young, himself a former teacher.

In a post on Facebook page, Mr Young said he had written to MHKs over concerns he had about the number of teachers planning to leave their posts this year.

Gareth Young

He said: ‘The area of greatest concern is the number of teachers leaving the island. I am aware of one secondary school that has received 7 notices to leave their Science department this academic year, this is a truly unprecedented event which I have not encountered in my 15 years as a teacher. Two of them are leaving at Easter with no replacements in situ. That will leave 7 exam classes with no science teacher leading up to their GCSE and A Level exams. In total, five good quality Science staff are due to leave the island due to the cost of housing and the fact they can’t get onto the property ladder; that’s from 1 school and they are not in isolation..

‘The school in question has advertised in the TES and locally on jobtrain for the last 3 weeks and no suitable applicants have been forthcoming to replace these teachers. As it stands the school in question won’t be able to teach Science to key stage 3 next year and are also contemplating reducing their A level provision. This is a real educational emergency that is being glossed over and ignored by those in power.’

In response to this, the DESC has said that it is currently reviewing the numbers, but it is aware of ‘a potential 22 teachers within secondary education due to leave, some of which are retiring’.

They added: ‘

We are working closely with the headteachers to find the best resolution to the issues we face, but it will be a priority of the Department that all students receive the necessary levels of teaching and support.

‘It should be noted that this is very early in the year, and these numbers will continue to fluctuate.  This issue is not just isolated within Isle of Man, but across the UK as well as reported by recruitment firms we currently working with.’

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