Today marks 100 days until TT22 gets underway when, for the first time in history, the races will be live to fans around the world.

With more ways to follow the event than ever before, fans all around the world can now immerse themselves in all things TT with the launch of the TT’s own digital channel, delivering full live stream coverage, and a raft of year-round behind-the-scenes content.

Launching in the Spring, TT+ will offer year-round access to the TT and its competitors to all corners of the world. In addition to the live coverage on TT+, the highlights show will still be broadcast on ITV4 in the UK and Ireland

A full grid of brand-new free-to-access content will be delivered across the year, including an annual feature-length documentary last this year, with a multi-episode docuseries coming next year. Fans will also be able to access archive race highlights and the TT Preview Show coming in April.

While TT+ is free to access, when the races return in the summer, fans will be able to pay £14.99 to watch up to 40 hours of live action during practice and race week, including the Senior TT, as well as pre and post race analysis.


Greenlight Television is behind the live broadcast and have assembled a 200-strong production team to capture the TT like never before including a significant uplift in the number of live-action cameras found around the course. Covering the TT races live also means working from the air with the time trial format dictating the use of not one, but two, live cam helicopters operating each side of the Mountain Course.

To further celebrate the launch of TT+, the gov has announce a new team of presenters, commentators and analysts.

Presenting the TT live broadcast is an experienced team, including TT regulars, Matt Roberts and Amy Williams, both hugely respected presenters thanks to their work in motorcycling and the Winter Olympics respectively. A new face to the TT, however, is Jennie Gow. The highly acclaimed journalist and broadcaster makes her debut covering the TT after a career spent working on the world’s biggest motorsport events such as Formula 1, MotoGP and Formula E.

Jennie Gow said: ‘It’s an exciting time for the Isle of Man TT Races as the introduction of live coverage brings international recognition to the greatest road race of all time. It’s been on my bucket list for a long time as a motorsport presenter and I can’t wait to join up with the team on site and bring you all the action. We all know how exciting the TT is and that’s why we all love it. To be able to share that with so many more people is incredible. We’ll be presenting more than just racing; we’ll be introducing all the incredible personalities, showcasing their talents and unique mind-set as they take on the challenging mountain course.

‘I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of the TT’s live broadcast team. I can’t wait to be on the Island and part of the action as the anticipation for the return of the legendary road racing event builds.’

Also joining the presenting team is regular BBC sport correspondent, Rick Faragher, who will be familiar to islanders, who will be delving deep into the race awnings to bring you all the breaking news and behind-the-scenes developments.

The commentary team features TT regular, Dave Moore, who will be sharing the role of lead commentator with Andrew Coley, whose credits include FIA World Rally Cross, MotoGP and the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Joining Dave and Andrew as pundits are double TT winners Cameron Donald and Steve Plater.

The live stream and radio broadcasts will also benefit from an expanded team of pundits who will be working across both platforms. Former TT competitors, Mark Miller, Horst Saiger, Jenny Tinmouth and Patrick Farrance, will be joined by leading journalist, John Hogan, and current TT competitor, Maria Costello MBE, with each providing some respective expert analysis and unique insight.

Cam Donald said: ‘The Isle of Man TT Races have always been a massive part of my life, firstly as a competitor and now as a member of the broadcasting team and it’s hugely exciting. Although I have to say I’m not sure what I’m more nervous about: working on a live broadcast or hurtling down Bray Hill on a superbike. They both get the adrenaline going and that’s what the TT is about, excitement.

‘Living in Australia, I’ve been able to experience first-hand the potential of international broadcasting. It’s hard to believe a love of the TT is already so deep rooted across Australia thanks to existing television highlight coverage, so live coverage via TT+ will really broaden the opportunities in a lot of countries. It’s going to take the event to the next level and I can’t wait to be part of it.’

Radio TT is also back, with Chris Kinley and Beth Espey reporting from the pit lane.

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