Caution Urged as Island Declared Free of Bird Flu

Chief Vet Amy Beckett has confirmed the Isle of Man is no longer an infected area for avian influenza, bringing an all-island ‘Surveillance Zone’ to a close.

However, bird keepers are still urged to house their poultry where possible this winter.

A ‘Protection Zone’ around the property where the island’s first case of the H5N1 strain killed 11 geese was removed earlier this month.

Dr Beckett, said: ‘There is still a significant risk to kept birds this winter, so we urge people to house them were possible and continue to practise good biosecurity. All well-cooked local poultry and poultry products, including eggs, remain safe to eat.’

Anyone who suspects a case, or has in their possession a bird or carcass that they suspect has the disease, should contact the Animal Heath Team by emailing or calling 01624 685844.

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